AfriGloCal Venture Capital
AfriGloCal Venture Capital
Invest in pre-seed & seed stage startups with at least one female founder

Investing in Pre-Seed & Seed Stage Fintech and Digital Infrastructure Startups

AfriGloCal Venture Capital invests in pre-seed to seed-stage startups founded by visionary diverse founders. We add value by mentoring founders including women entrepreneurs to accelerate returns by building a new business ecosystem. We are an early-stage fund focused on Fintech and Digital Infrastructure startups that are building great companies in underserved markets. We are focused on industries where we can add value, that are exploding with growth, and target companies that are developing cutting-edge technology to disrupt industries and innovations that create social impact.

About the Firm

We have a vision to accelerate & invest in 100 high-growth tech enabled startups over 10 years

Our early-stage investments leverage the successes of startups from our Knight Ventures Accelerator that provides Incubation, Acceleration. We provide our founders with capital that drives growth, impact, and Glocal exposure opportunities across the African continent. Our gender balance lens investment approach is promoting women's entrepreneurship.

AfriGloCal provides venture capital investments into technology enabled African startups driven by visionary entrepreneurial teams and connects them to an ecosystem that accelerates their scalability and growth towards follow-on investments. We have a mission to invest in 100 high-growth tech enabled startups to scale and profitability. 

We identify most overlooked opportunities in the venture capital and startup community. Currently, very little investment goes into fund managers Invests in female founders, especially Black female founders. We envision to invest in gender balance lens investment approach that focuses on underrepresented-led startups to invest in those outside of entrepreneurial hotspots and underrepresented populations.

Our focus areas
  • Fintech
  • Digital Infrastructure

Meet Our Team

Mope Abudu

Managing Partner

Jamil Akhtar

General Partner

Bolaji Sofoluwe

Venture Partner

Sara Haq


Tosin Solabi

We are a Female Led Venture Capital Firm applying a gender balance lens approach to support startups including female founders

We aim is to increase the amount of capital going into female founded startups and gender balanced teams. We invest in overlooked opportunities & underrepresented black female founders startup in underserved markets to build great companies.

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